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Things to Consider When Looking to Engage a Drilling Company

With various drilling companies to choose from, it becomes an arduous task to choose an effective one. It is advisable that you familiarise yourself with the qualities of the drilling companies out there and it’s a good idea to research the following:

  • Type of drilling services they have on offer.

The aspects involved in geotechnical drilling are tasks such as drilling through dam walls, construction foundations, marine and harbour drilling, and also the drilling of tunnels and bridges. Another aspect of drilling, called exploration drilling, services the mining and oil industry. They use small to medium-sized drilling rigs which are mostly mobile that is used for blast-hole, water wells and environmental investigations.

In addition to this you should also ensure the drilling company you will be hiring are experts in the type of drilling you require. The drilling equipment used by a company varies depending on the type of rig it is. A wide range of core drilling services, technologies, and equipment is required depending on your drilling needs. Look to engage a drilling company that is a forerunner in state-of-the-art technology and drilling services while providing outstanding safety and compliance. They should have a fleet of coring rigs and equipment that offer core samples and other solutions in various applications to meet your project needs.

Interview them beforehand to ascertain if they are willing to accommodate you and your project goals and that they should assess the ground and site conditions so they are able to deliver the best result for the job. They need to possess a selection of deep capacity drills enables them to drill at deep depth. A large fleet of rigs and equipment suggests they will have the right rig for your project.

Need to hit specific targets? Make sure they offer in-house directional motors, steering tools, and pumps for any directional drilling project. By using innovative Blow Out Protection equipment, they can successfully drill in high-temperatures or high-pressure formations. They should offer rotary drilling that includes mud, air, reverse circulation and flooded reverse.

When looking to engage a drilling Company a major advantage will be experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment to help assure you that your projects will be completed efficiently and safely. It would only benefit your project if the drilling company you choose is a leader in technology innovation, have pioneered and developed unique drilling systems to meet your drilling needs.

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