Auger Drilling

Drillpower QLD and SJ Drilling offer solid stem auger drilling, at 100mm and 125mm diameter.  We also have a larger 300mm auger used for collecting larger bulk soil samples from depths up to 3.0m deep - typically for CBR testing.

Auger Drilling is a method of drilling holes by cutting or gouging with the chiselled tip of a rotating drill bit. The drill stem is shaped like a helical screw and is driven rotationally into the ground. The rotational penetration of the drill bit produces drill cuttings that are lifted to the surface by the helical edges of flights of the rotating drill stem. Auger drilling can produce boreholes quickly and efficiently, although the rate of penetration depends on the type of formation (ground conditions) being drilled. Auger drilling is a dry method, although water is often added to a dry hole to aid in penetration and help lift the cuttings from the hole. Rotation is slow, rarely exceeding 30 rpm, but involves high torque. The rod stem / augers are 1.50m or 3.00m long.

Auger drilling is most commonly used to start a geotechnical/environmental boreholes.

Preferred technique for dam wall investigations, ASS (Acid Sulphate Sampling) Investigations, and when the presence of shallow ground water is being investigated.

Please note that our rigs carry only carry 7.5m of 100mm dimeter augers as standard - if you require the larger diameter augers or are planning on augering to more than 7.5m then please advise us prior to the rig mobiliising to your site.



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