Environmental Monitoring


Swanbank Landfill Site Golder Associates

Rotary air boreholes to nominal 20m depth to investigate possible hot ground.  Stage 2 – rotary air boreholes to maximum 100m depth to investigate 2 levels of historic underground workings.

Kellys Offstream Storage Dam GHD Auger/washbore holes for VWP installation.
Swanbank Landfill Site GHD

Drilling using rotary air for installation of gas and groundwater monitoring wells.

Swanbank Landfill Site Golder Associates
Rotary air drilling to install 4 groundwater monitoring wells to maximum 30m depth.

Inland Rail Project

Golder Associates

Extraction bore and monitoring bores for pump test at tunnel portal. Engaged specialist subcontractor for pump testing.
Cleanway Landfill Cleanway Decommission existing groundwater bores.

Defence Base - Oakey

Golder Associates

Geotechnical and Environmental drilling using auger techniques to maximum 6mtr.

Brisbane City Council


Drill and install 4 monitoring wells to maximum 6mtr.

Landfill Gas Monitoring

GHD/Redland City Council Drilling and installation of gas monitoring wells around exisitng landfill sites.
Service Station Projects Precise Environmental Drilling and installation of monitoring wells at new and existing service station sites.
Groundwater Monitoring Projects Transpacific 95mtr deep air rotary drilling through mine spoil and mine workings including developing and repair of headworks.
Teresa Coal Project -Emerald GHD / Linc Energy 100-350mtr deep various diameters, air rotary drilling.
Monitoring Boreholes Middlemount Coal Monitoring boreholes to 200mtr+
Underground Coal Gasification Chinchilla GHD / Linc Energy  GHD / Linc Energy 80-200mtr deep air rotary drilling.
Groundwater Monitoring GHD / QGC Various diameters and depths air roatry drilling and installation of wells.



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