All you need to know about Drillpower QLD your Exploration, Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling experts.
  • Does Drillpower QLD carry out Exploration drilling?

Yes, Drillpower QLD carries out exploration drilling - we have rigs with varying capabilities of up to 400mtr. We have previously worked on exploration projects all     over Queensland and therefore have valuable experience in the field. 

  • Does Drillpower QLD carry out Geotechnical Drilling?

    Yes, Drillpower QLD carries out geotechnical drilling and associated services. We have 4 rigs ranging from a small truck mounted auger rig with SPT capabilities, to our larger truck mounted drilling rigs which can reach depths of 400 mtr plus. We also offer experienced geologists/geotechnical engineers for site supervision, project management, soil and rock logging, safety management and monitoring. We can carry out test pitting services with associated DCP testing and soil sampling.

  • Does Drillpower QLD install instrumentation?

             Yes, Drillpower QLD carries out installation of instrumentation.

  • Can Drillpower QLD drill water monitoring bores?

    Yes, Drillpower QLD can drill water monitoring bores and install monitoring wells to detailed specifications.

  • Can Drillpower QLD carry out other geotechnical site services?

    Yes, Drillpower QLD can carry out associated geotechnical site services such as Test Pitting and associated soil sampling and DCP testing, Window sampling, Service locating, Traffic management, Access creation, Site rehabilitation and Slashing.

  • Can Drillpower QLD provide site supervision and professional services?

    Yes, Drillpower QLD has experienced geologists/geotechnical engineers that can supervise the drilling rigs/excavators, Provide soil and rock logging services, Project management, Client liaison, Safety management, Safety monitoring and Factual reporting.

  • Does Drillpower QLD work interstate?

    Yes, Drillpower QLD will work interstate.

  • Do Drillpower QLD have inducted staff for Mine Sites?

    Drillpower QLD have staff that are inducted onto various mine sites throughout Queensland. 

  • What diameter borehole can Drillpower QLD drill?

             Drillpower QLD can drill a variety of different diameter holes depending on the borehole/project requirements - ranging from 100mm diameter to 250mm diameter.


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